Hello world!

Welcome to JP Needlepoint at WordPress.com. We’ve decided to join the world wide web of needlepoint aficionados with a blog of our own. Having just returned from TNNA’s Winter Tradeshow in Long Beach, CA, we’re hard at work filling orders from retailers around the Country.  After a long day setting up our booths on the show floor, we trudged back to our hotel for a well earned glass of wine in the lounge. We ran into Chris of the Bristley Thistle who mentioned his company’s worldpress.com blog and suggested we consider starting one as well.  It seemed a good idea so here we are working on our first entry. 

The show proved the most positive in several years. Retailers were clearly there to buy, and we heard good things from most, if not all, of our competitors.  Perhaps things are really beginning to return to normal after all.  Let’s hope so …

Anyway, Juli brought no less than 100 new designs to the show, wowing every retailer who set foot in our booth.  Their orders are being filled as rapidly as possible and Juli’s newest designs should begin appearing in your local needlepoint shop very soon.  Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

Here’s the link to the JP Needlepoint website: jpneedlepoint.com 

About JP Needlepoint

I'm an artist specializing in hand-painted needlepoint canvases. My designs are sold in fine needlepoint shops around the world. I have been designing canvases for more than 30 years. I'm a proud member of the National Needlearts Association and the Needlepoint Group. When I'm not at work designing canvases, I try to stitch at least an hour everyday.
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