“Koko Brown”

We brought “Koko Brown” home yesterday.  The original Koko left us the day after Thanksgiving. We discovered a lesion in her mouth Christmas day 2009 and took her to the vet the next morning.  He suspected melanoma and sent us to a specialist in Santa Cruz who recommended radiation and chemo treatments.  We managed to beat the disease, giving her almost another year. But her trachea began to give out last September making it progressively harder for her to breathe.  Well, we had nearly 15 wonderful years together …

Anyway, we picked up this little bundle yesterday. Found her at the local SPCA after we received a message from the website “Adopt-a-Pet” sponsored by Purina. We were told about this service by Janelle Tessier of Baton Rouge, LA who helps us at our trade shows. Many thanks to Janelle and Purina  Our new “Koko Brown” has a couple of habits we’ll need to address, but all-in-all she’s a delightful addition to the family.

Here the link to “Adopt- a-Pet in case you’re interested: ADOPT-A-PET

About JP Needlepoint

I'm an artist specializing in hand-painted needlepoint canvases. My designs are sold in fine needlepoint shops around the world. I have been designing canvases for more than 30 years. I'm a proud member of the National Needlearts Association and the Needlepoint Group. When I'm not at work designing canvases, I try to stitch at least an hour everyday.
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1 Response to “Koko Brown”

  1. Heather Belcher says:

    Welcome to a fabulous needlepoint home KOKO Brown. Cookie the little rescue dog who lives in The Tapestry Cottage Australia, can tell you Needlepoint doggies have the best lives.

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