TNNA Winter Tradeshow in Phoenix 2012

The TNNA Winter Tradeshow was held in Phoenix this year. “Sky Harbor” airport was a snap to get to and downtown Phoenix features many fine, reasonable priced restaurants. This year’s theme was “Celebrate the Southwest,” and everything from the color scheme to the opening ceremony fulfilled this spirit. Everyone fell silent as they watched Apache tribe member Ken Duncan offer a Native American prayer of peace and sing in homage to the “Four Sacred Mountains,” an extremely moving experience.

Attendance at the Friday evening “Needlepoint Showcase” was fantastic, affording needlepoint vendors an opportunity to display their newest designs and finished products to an audience composed of all segment groups. Attendees were greeted by Ken’s wife, Doreen, in authentic Apache dress.

Overall attendance was up across the board, with Needlepoint mounting a particularly strong showing. JP Needlepoint featured more than 100 new designs that retailers across the Country ordered in abundance. If you’re a needlepoint aficionado, you have much to look forward to we’re filling and shipping orders as rapidly as possible. In just a few weeks your retailer will be awash with beautiful new hand-painted JP Needlepoint canvases.

Happy Stitching!

About JP Needlepoint

I'm an artist specializing in hand-painted needlepoint canvases. My designs are sold in fine needlepoint shops around the world. I have been designing canvases for more than 30 years. I'm a proud member of the National Needlearts Association and the Needlepoint Group. When I'm not at work designing canvases, I try to stitch at least an hour everyday.
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