Three Finished Pillows

Here are three new designs finished as beatutiful pillows. The orchid and small butterfly were stitched by SuZy Murphy; the large butterfly by “Denise” of Baton Rouge.  Finishing was done by the Spinning Wheel of Houston and the Stitch’n Stuff in Dallas.  (Talented people these Texans.)  

All three canvases were designed by Juli on 13 mesh canvas.

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TNNA Winter Tradeshow in Phoenix 2012

The TNNA Winter Tradeshow was held in Phoenix this year. “Sky Harbor” airport was a snap to get to and downtown Phoenix features many fine, reasonable priced restaurants. This year’s theme was “Celebrate the Southwest,” and everything from the color scheme to the opening ceremony fulfilled this spirit. Everyone fell silent as they watched Apache tribe member Ken Duncan offer a Native American prayer of peace and sing in homage to the “Four Sacred Mountains,” an extremely moving experience.

Attendance at the Friday evening “Needlepoint Showcase” was fantastic, affording needlepoint vendors an opportunity to display their newest designs and finished products to an audience composed of all segment groups. Attendees were greeted by Ken’s wife, Doreen, in authentic Apache dress.

Overall attendance was up across the board, with Needlepoint mounting a particularly strong showing. JP Needlepoint featured more than 100 new designs that retailers across the Country ordered in abundance. If you’re a needlepoint aficionado, you have much to look forward to we’re filling and shipping orders as rapidly as possible. In just a few weeks your retailer will be awash with beautiful new hand-painted JP Needlepoint canvases.

Happy Stitching!

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The Columbus Show

We’ve been  extremely busy preparing for the TNNA Trade Show next week in Columbus, Ohio.  Juli has been working day and night designing new canvases.  Here’s a sample of what what she’s been up to lately.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the show! 


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Super Bowl

We don’t have a favorite, but wouldn’t miss this game for anything. The 49ers haven’t been in the running since …  well I can’t remember so we’ll begin rooting for the team that is behind at halftime.  We hope it stays close and exciting right past the two minute warning.  I stopped designing new canvases last night and won’t resume until the game is over.   

Needlepoint is my life, but on Super Bowl Sunday everything stops.  But … I will be stitching throughout the game!

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Who Gives a Hoot”

We have just recieved a photo of one of Juli’s designs from Heather Belcher who owns “Tapestry Cottage” in Brisbane, Queesland, Austrailia. Heather and her staff all pitched into complete this wonderful version of one of Juli’s most popular and enduring canvases. Employing Silk N Colors & Silk & Ivory fibers, they have truly made it their own. Many thanks the Tapestry Cottage for the image.  Oh, and Heather we’re really looking forward to your visit again this year.

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“Koko Brown”

We brought “Koko Brown” home yesterday.  The original Koko left us the day after Thanksgiving. We discovered a lesion in her mouth Christmas day 2009 and took her to the vet the next morning.  He suspected melanoma and sent us to a specialist in Santa Cruz who recommended radiation and chemo treatments.  We managed to beat the disease, giving her almost another year. But her trachea began to give out last September making it progressively harder for her to breathe.  Well, we had nearly 15 wonderful years together …

Anyway, we picked up this little bundle yesterday. Found her at the local SPCA after we received a message from the website “Adopt-a-Pet” sponsored by Purina. We were told about this service by Janelle Tessier of Baton Rouge, LA who helps us at our trade shows. Many thanks to Janelle and Purina  Our new “Koko Brown” has a couple of habits we’ll need to address, but all-in-all she’s a delightful addition to the family.

Here the link to “Adopt- a-Pet in case you’re interested: ADOPT-A-PET

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Hello world!

Welcome to JP Needlepoint at We’ve decided to join the world wide web of needlepoint aficionados with a blog of our own. Having just returned from TNNA’s Winter Tradeshow in Long Beach, CA, we’re hard at work filling orders from retailers around the Country.  After a long day setting up our booths on the show floor, we trudged back to our hotel for a well earned glass of wine in the lounge. We ran into Chris of the Bristley Thistle who mentioned his company’s blog and suggested we consider starting one as well.  It seemed a good idea so here we are working on our first entry. 

The show proved the most positive in several years. Retailers were clearly there to buy, and we heard good things from most, if not all, of our competitors.  Perhaps things are really beginning to return to normal after all.  Let’s hope so …

Anyway, Juli brought no less than 100 new designs to the show, wowing every retailer who set foot in our booth.  Their orders are being filled as rapidly as possible and Juli’s newest designs should begin appearing in your local needlepoint shop very soon.  Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

Here’s the link to the JP Needlepoint website: 

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